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Artisans that we love American Artisans

We love sharing other American artisan's work and have partnered with a few of our favorite small businesses to offer their fine crafts online for you to enjoy.

Meet the Artisans

The GOURDian Angels, Virginia, Founded 2011

GOURDian Angels began crafting in 2011 however, their story began over fifty years ago.  Joyce and Jack lived across the street from each other in Tacoma Park, Maryland when they were kids, and he became her first boyfriend at the age of fifteen.  They lasted for a while and eventually went their own ways.  Forty years later, after they each had experienced sadness and sorrow, they found themselves single again and were able to reconnect and pick up where they left off.  They moved to Southwest Virginia and spend their time visiting their children, taking trips to the beach, and participating in craft shows around the area.  They were married in 2012 and are so happy to have found each other at this point in their lives.

One trip to Meadowbrooke Gourds many years ago got Jack’s creative juices going. They take pride in creating beautiful woven gourds out of the various gourds bought at Meadowbrooke Gourds and enjoy spending hours working together each week.

Featured Designs

Woven Basket - Medium Apple Red


Woven Basket - Small Sunflower Yellow


Woven Basket - Small Clover Green


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Basti Wood Studio, North Carolina, Founded 2017

My name is Sebastian and I spent most of my adult life in the arts working as a painter. I had some success but, by my mid-forties my paintings were no longer selling, and I had lost the passion that I once had. This was when a friend that had once been a sculptor who now owned a wood shop, invited me to join him. Turned out I loved working with wood! and my passion for creating was rekindled. I worked with him eventually running the shop, until he passed away and the shop was closed.

 With the help of some very dear friends, we started Basti. Originally, we planned to make trees and build furniture but soon the demand for the trees made it clear that this was the direction we were destined to take! We decided that we would focus on cutting iconic shapes from wood that still retained its bark. We first added crosses and then loons. ducks and whales. We have even added a shark and are always looking for new ideas!

 There are mainly three of us at Basti. I hand cut each piece on a bandsaw. Leigh does the sanding and oversees shipping and Tom runs the office. Our wood is provided by our friend Robert and is sustainably harvested from the local mountains. We bring in friends to help with shipping when needed and that is pretty much the whole team!  We are located in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina near the town of Boone. If you are ever in the area, please look us up and stop by for a visit!


Basti - Small Tree


Basti - Mini Tree


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 Rocky Mountain Rustic, Colorado, Founded 1998  

These creations began their journey over a hundred years ago as juniper fence posts, planted in the ranches and fields across the early American West. In 1998, woodworker Wayne Murray got the idea to create a duck out of this remarkable wood—both rustic and refined. Wayne created many ducks for his company called Busy Woods.

Tim Bergren came to know of his business over the years, with family members who knew the Murray’s well, and heard they were looking for somebody to take over the business.

Tim had spent years as a liturgical designer and sculptor, doing large projects for churches across the country, but we’d been seeking something that was more small-scale and yet with larger opportunity. When he returned to the Flathead Valley for his annual summer vacation in 2012, he met up with the Murray’s and began serious (and not-so-serious) conversations about taking over the business. Happily, Wayne and Kathy saw potential in Tim and agreed to sell him the business.

Tim personally selects the reclaimed fence posts from ranchers up and down the Rocky Mountains. He and his studio of skilled artisans create handcrafted, unique works of art that are a lovely addition to any home, den, office, or cabin. He has been growing the business and maintaining the standards that have been the hallmark of both Wayne’s and Tim’s craftsmanship. The company was renamed “Rocky Mountain Rustic” to reflect our business location and the regions from where Tim salvages the old posts. Tim, and Rocky Mountain Rustic continue to create the beautiful ducks for which we’ve become famous.  Each piece is a one of kind, unique piece.

Rustic Mountain Creations - Small Rustic Duck


Rustic Mountain Creations - Medium Rustic Duck


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