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Behind The Scenes

A New Face in Crafting!

A New Face in Crafting!

Last month, I introduced you to the first of our two new hires. This month, I would like to introduce you to Kara, our new and only full time female crafter.

Kara grew up in Boiling Springs, PA and graduated from Boiling Springs High School. She is the youngest of five children having two brothers and two sisters. After high school, she continued her education at HACC and then transferred to Franklin County Career and Technology Center at Wilson College in Pennsylvania. She received her degree to be a Licensed Practical Nurse.

She worked in the nursing field until she came to work for us earlier this year. Nathan, one of our owners, and her friend, told her about a job that we were going to be opening in production. She came in a few days when she did not have to work to do a trial run and see if it was something in which she was interested. She decided she wanted to try it and after many weeks moving around in the different areas of production, she decided she wanted to be in the crafting room.

Kara said the hardest thing about being in production was that the environment was completely different from the medical field, and it was all completely new to her. But after crafting for a while, she is beginning to feel more comfortable and that will just keep getting better. It will still be a few years until she a master crafter.

In her spare time, she likes spending time with her family including her 4-year-old daughter Zoey, gardening and running. Her perfect day would include coffee on her back porch and then going to the pool or lake to swim and soak up the sun.

At Meadowbrooke, Kara will be helping in other areas besides crafting. You may see her at our Create Your Own events, in our retail store, helping with projects or at other events we have throughout the year. She is kind, helpful and loves to hear feedback from our customers and watch their expressions when they see our gourd creations.

Make sure the next time you are at Meadowbrooke to keep an eye out for her and say hi. She will always greet with you a warm smile.

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