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Nathan Bear - Meadowbrooke Gourds

“Started in 1995”

Nathan Bear

Shipping King

My name is Nathan Bear. My parents are the owners of Meadowbrooke so gourds have been apart of my life pretty much since I can remember. I find that almost everyday gourds are in my life in one way or another. Whether I am at work shipping out orders or at home looking over the gourd field that is right out my back door. It’s rare to have a day away from them but I like it that way. Gourds have given me many opportunities like being able to build my own house here on the farm and pretty much schedule my own work hours through out the year.

Since the age of 5, I have worked in every area of the business starting out in the gourds field and helping out in the washing, crafting and finishing areas. I have finally found a home in our shipping department. Here I manage to ship out almost all the orders that are taken throughout the year with only my pup by my side. Yup, every day I get to bring my dog along with me to work which helps make each day even more interesting. The best thing about working here is that I am not doing exactly the same thing all year round. Since gourds are a seasonal décor that means that I have slow and busy shipping times of the year. So I find odd jobs to do around the farm in the slow season from helping with construction projects or going to help set up for shows, I am always trying to keep busy.

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