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The Farm

Behind The Scenes

Life on the gourd farm in challenging times

Like all of you, we find the recent times challenging. Challenging to even know what is really going on, and even more challenging to know what’s coming. At this time everyone in our circle is healthy and doing well, and we are very grateful for that.   Meadowbrooke Gourds is a small company that has […]

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Farm Events

Warehime’s Pumpkin Patch 2019

We just got finished with our Fall Create you Owns but that doesn’t mean Fall is over. It is actually just beginning. Right down the road from us is Warehime’s Pumpkin Patch and they are still in full swing selling pumpkins, corn stalks and helping people get lost (at least for a little bit) in […]

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The Farm

Summer Starts on the Farm

June, the official start of summer. School is almost out, the weather is getting warmer, and vacations are starting to get planned. Here on the farm, June means time to plant our gourds. This past week, we actually got the first ones in the ground. This year we are planting approximately 25 acres of gourds […]

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