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Sunflower Season 2020

September 15 - October 15

Sunflower Fields are temporarily closed until 9/26

Our Sunflower Fields are temporarily closed until 9/26

Sunflowers are now blooming on our farm. Our sunflower fields are open 7am-dusk daily. To find out where the best picking fields are, stop in at the store for instructions.  Don’t forget to bring along clippers and something to take your sunflowers home in. If you do forget, we do sell clippers and vases in the store.  We also have a snipping station on the store’s front porch for you to cut down your sunflowers and get water from the hose by the handicap ramp.

Sunflower Tips

Cutting your Sunflowers:

Always cut stems at a 45% angle
Cutting blooms that are not open or only partially opened will make them last longer when you get home
Put in water immediately

Once you get your sunflowers home:

Recut your stems at a 45 degree angle so stem can draw up water and does not sit flat on the bottom of the jar
Take off any foliage at the bottom so there is none in the vase especially none submerged in the water
Change water every 1-3 days and recut stems at a 45 degree angle each time

Some ways to help sunflowers last longer:

Add to water in the beginning and at each water change:
2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar
Few drops of vodka with 1 tsp of sugar
Plant Preserve/Food
One crushed aspirin
1/2 c of clear soda

Most sunflowers should last 7-15 days if taken care of.


Are dogs allowed?
Yes as long as they are on a leash and well behaved. We do ask that if an event is going on at the farm, you do not bring them.

Can we take pictures in the sunflowers?
Yes, you are more than welcome to come and have pictures (personal or professional) taken in our sunflowers. There is no charge

How many can we pick?
You can pick to make a nice bouquet for your home.

Can we sell the sunflowers?
No. We allow you to pick for personal use. Our sunflowers are not to be sold or used for commercial use.

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