Blizzard and Easton Family

Blizzard and Easton are our white textured snowman families.  Blizzard has beautiful tree cut outs and an adorable red nose.  Blizzard is our fun three tiered snowman.  

  • Meet our three-tiered snowman family the Blizzards. This small boy Blizzard is white in color and is approximately 4” in diameter and 10” tall.

  • This girl Blizzard is sure to put a smile on your face.  She has an adorable warm striped sock hat that is maroon, gold, brown and white in color.  Her cute face is hand crafted.  She is approximately 4" in diameter and 10" tall which makes her a great size to decorate small spaces in your home.  

  • This Extra Large Easton piece has a beautiful tree scene placed inside the gourd.  It is white in color, approximately 10" in diameter and 18" tall and comes with an electric light.   

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  • Our white snowman, Easton, is a cheerful addition to our Winter designs. He has a top hat and a red scarf. He is approximately 5 1/2” in diameter and 11” tall and comes with an electric light.

  • ​This cute little snowman is white in color with a red scarf. Easton is approximately 3 inches in diameter and can be lit by purchasing a battery operated tea light.

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