Darcy, Felix and Ellie Family

Darcy is our red colored bird that has wings and a cute cream colored bow.  Felix is our sneaky fox that is burnt orange in color with a gourd tail. Ellie is our adorable elephant that is natural in color and is made out of seven different gourds. 

  • Darcy is our adorable gourd bird.  She is red in color with two caramel colored gourd wings.  She has a red wooden tail.  She has a hand tied cream colored bow.  Her beak is hand made out of wood and is yellow in color.  She is approximately 3" in diameter and 4" tall.  

  • Ellie the elephant is natural in color.  She is made from seven different gourds.  She has adorable gourd feet and gourd ears.  Approximately 4 1/2" in diameter and 5 1/2" tall. 

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