Jack Stack Family

These unique pieces are three gourds stacked together.  The Large Tall Lit has a white colored jack on top, a burnt orange colored jack in the middle and a caramel colored jack on the bottom.  The Medium Lit has a top hat, burnt orange colored jack on top, natural colored scarecrow in the middle and a black colored jack-o-lantern on the bottom.  The Small Tall has a white ghost on top, a green witch in the middle and an orange jack on the bottom.  Both the Large Tall Lit and Medium Tall Lit come with electric lights. 

  • This unique piece is three jack-o-lanterns stacked together.  The top Jack is white, the middle Jack is burnt orange and the bottom one is caramel in color.  There is a pumpkin stem on top.  This piece comes with an electric light and is approximately 15" tall. 

  • Our Medium Tall Lit Jack Stack has a black colored bottom, natural colored middle and a burnt orange top. It has three different face cut outs and has a top hat.  Comes with an electric light and is approximately 12" tall. 

  • This Small Jack Stack is approximately 8" tall.  The bottom jack is dyed burnt orange, the middle witch is dyed green while the top ghost is painted white.  Each different fall face is hand crafted  It comes with a unique wood biscuit base and raffia.

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