Jack Stack Family

These unique pieces are three gourds stacked together.  The Large Tall Lit has a white colored jack on top, a burnt orange colored jack in the middle and a caramel colored jack on the bottom.  The Medium Lit has a top hat, burnt orange colored jack on top, natural colored scarecrow in the middle and a black colored jack-o-lantern on the bottom.  The Small Tall has a white ghost on top, a green witch in the middle and an orange jack on the bottom.  Both the Large Tall Lit and Medium Tall Lit come with electric lights. 

  • This unique piece is three jack-o-lanterns stacked together.  The top Jack is white, the middle Jack is burnt orange and the bottom one is caramel in color.  There is a pumpkin stem on top.  This piece comes with an electric light and is approximately 15" tall. 

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  • This Jack Stack has a handmade black top hat, a burnt orange colored jack-o-lantern face on top, a natural colored scarecrow face in the middle and a black colored jack-o-lantern face on the bottom.  Each face is handcrafted.  Raffia helps to accent this gourd.  Approximately 12" tall and comes with and electric light. 

  • This Small Jack Stack is approximately 9 1/2" tall.  The bottom jack is dyed burnt orange, the middle witch is dyed green while the top ghost is painted white.  Each different fall face is hand crafted  It comes with a unique wood biscuit base and raffia.

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