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Introducing Craft Kits to create your very own!

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Our Craft Kits are expertly cut and ready for you to make your very own custom design!

Create your very own gourd craft!

You can create your very own gourd crafts right from home with our new craft kits! Gourds are a versatile crafting medium that can be painted, dyed, wood burned, and more.

Beginners and children can create fantastic looking gourd crafts with simple paints and a little creativity.



Our craft kits are for everyone!

Our master crafters have prepared the gourds with adorable cutouts that are ready for you to add your own finishing touches! Each kit includes prepared gourds and accessories to get you started, and all you need to supply are your preferred paints and any additional accessories that you would like to make your new gourd craft your own.

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Village Luminary Craft Kit - 2 Window House


Village Luminary Craft Kit - 4 Window House


Village Luminary Craft Kit - 5 Window House


Village Luminary Craft Kit - 6 Window House


Craft Kit - Biscuit the Dog


Craft Kit - Katie the Cat


Craft Kit - Nellie the Cow


Farm Littles Craft Kit


Craft Kit - Fiona Witch


Craft Kit - Theodore Turkey


Craft Kit - Jake Ghost


Birdhouses for Crafting

Birdhouse Bungalo - Ready to Craft


Birdhouse Cabin - Ready to Craft


Birdhouse Craft Kit 2-Pack


Gourd Crafting Tips

Paints and Dye Tips

The wonderful thing about crafting with gourds is that they are very similar to wood in terms of crafting. You can use any type of paint that you may have from acrylic, oil, and even house paint that you have lying around! Just make sure to follow the instructions that come with your paint for drying and curing time.

We use leather dyes for a lot of our gourd designs. Any type of leather dye would also work, but you must use a sealer such as polyurethane if you choose to dye your gourds. We apply our dyes with a standard paintbrush, but you can be creative and try any technique that you would like.

Here are some paints and dye recommendations for your gourd project that you can buy on Amazon.

Polycrylic for sealing your gourd designs
Feibing’s Leather Dye that we use to stain our gourds
Folk Art acrylic craft paints

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Craft Kit How To Videos

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